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Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some questions made by airline, air taxi, operators and pilots.

 01  I'm an Airline or Air Taxi, My License is Suspended, Can I Fly?

The aircrafts of your enterprise can only be used for maintenance flight, transportation for internal goals and training flights. 




 02 According the law, which period the ANAC has to analyze the processes under their responsibility?

Under the Law of Administrative Procedure (LPA) 9784/1999 since the processes have all the documents required, the public organ has 30 days to resolve it. This deadline can be exceptionally extendable for equal period.




 03  I received a notification from ANAC about a fact that occured 4 years ago. What will happen now?

According to the Brazilian Air Law any fact that can be regarded as non regulation compliance must be informed with in 2 years. This has been a subject of discussion between regulators and regulated in Brazil.



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